Are you intrigued to showcase your aesthetic sense through your home decoration? Then let an expert help you. Julieta Alvarez is a renowned name among the top interior designers Glen Ridge NJ. With her 8+ years of experience as a trained interior designer, Julieta, successfully achieved her American Dream. She is a NY-based professional who I equally comfortable working across New Jersey and Connecticut.

Being a new property owner, if you’re intricately searching for the finest space planning with a unique approach, then Julieta and her team of maverick skilled professionals could stand by your side. Let them know about your plan which includes a few constructional changes along with the choice of wall colors and furniture so that they can plan and offer you the exact finance you should have to get the job done.

Again, the meeting would come out to be fruitful because after listening to your expectations and checking the property, Julieta will also advise you with a couple of things that you may also find to be creative and unique. So, if you’re eager to collaborate with one of the best interior designers in NJ- then Julieta should be on your priority list.

We’ve got a list of reasons why Julieta Alvarez’s interior designing services stand out of the crowd—

Highly Energetic Team

Julieta Alvarez stands out to be the best interior designer glen ridge NJ for successfully forming a group of highly energetic teammates. She has interviewed them and hired them onboard after cross checking their previous experiences in the same field and the success stories. Together they’ve formed a brand name today with an effort of 3 years. The team is 100% dedicated to doing their work. Their job is the passion that drives them to go several miles extra to make the clients completely satisfied with their performance.

Countenance with the top furniture manufacturers

Similar to any renowned interior design company Glen Ridge NJ, Julieta Alvarez also works closely with the branded furniture manufacturing companies and distributors. For this reason, she can easily collect the rarest furniture from the catalog just for you. She maintains a highly professional countenance with the top-notch boutique furniture designers as well.

Well-acquainted with the hottest trends

Top eclectic interior designer Glen Ridge NJ dedicatedly stay updated with the hottest trends in the interior designing market. Julieta and her team also update them to incorporate them when designing homes, restaurants, offices or even bigger commercial space.

Great listener & performer

You must want the interior designer to be a great listener and should incorporate your choices and specifications while Space Planning your property. Julieta Alvarez believes in listening to clients unlike many professionals in the field and after knowing their likes and dislikes, she suggests some ideas. If a client like you appreciates it and after checking the space plan draft if it gets approved then only Julieta moves ahead to do the changes. Without approval, she never initiates the interior designing job.

Happy to work as a team

Julieta, being a modern interior designer Glen Ridge NJ, prefer to work along with the client. Unlike many other companies, they prefer granting the client as one of their teammates. It’s because of this friendly collaboration, together they create an outstanding interior designing that becomes unique, state-of-art and exhibits the skills of the designers and of course, the aesthetic culmination of the property owner.


Known as one of the Glen Ridge top residential interior design firms, Julieta Alvarez is happy to be flexible. Along with maintaining her own label designing artwork, she is absolutely dedicated to what the clients’ want. If that demands her and her teammates to be flexible during planning the space- they don’t find it challenging at all. That’s the reason why Julieta wants the clients to be a part of their journey throughout the process.

Highly experienced

Clients depend on the brand name Julieta Alvarez for the series of fascinating interior design assignments she has accomplished. She is properly trained and has gained hands-on experience after working for a celebrated interior designer. Since 2015, Julieta has established her own company and started working on her own. Within a time span of 3 years, she has successfully exhibited her creativity through various assignments she took. So, if you’re headstrong about hiring an experienced and highly creative interior designer for decorating your residence, office, commercial spaces such as restaurants, stores,  etc. you can depend on Julieta’s proficiency.

Ready to work with any budget

Julieta Alvarez is ready to work with any budget you have and any space you ask her to decorate. She is trained and dedicated to work with people eager to revamp their space whether residential or commercial. If you like working with her, the budget is not a constraint. Julieta is an expert in interior designing, color consultancy, and custom furniture.

So, if you’re looking forward to fixing a meeting with Julieta Alvarez- give her a call right away at (917) 355-4414, Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 5 PM.